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In-Depth Safety Inspection

SDR Safety & Security LLC delivers comprehensive safety inspection services near Findlay, Ohio. This includes fire alarm testing for continued upkeep, and restoring faulty equipment. You can also ask us about maintaining your security system after installation as well.

Fire Alarm Inspections

With these inspections, we look at your existing fire alarm system to make sure it is operating correctly. Our experts first check the battery in the main control panel before moving on to the wiring to ensure everything is communicating perfectly.

Have our experts check your business's smoke detector to keep it in pristine working condition. This device is one of the first defenses you can have to tell you if a fire has started. By having it checked and serviced, you'll get peace of mind knowing it will work when you need it to.

Fire Extinguisher

Checking for Problems

If your fire alarm system is broken, have us take a look, as a malfunctioning system threatens the safety of everyone in your building. We do precise fire sprinkler testing to identify issues and repair them immediately.

We recommend equipment testing monthly, semi-annually, quarterly, or annually for several facilities. Testing by our certified technicians makes sure that all system components work properly in the event of a fire. After the testing, we provide you with a finalized report of our findings. The equipment we test includes:

• Fire Alarm Systems (Pole Stations, Smokes, Heat Detectors, Duck Detectors)
• Sprinkler Systems (Wet Sprinkler, Dry Sprinkler, Deluge, Preaction, Foam Systems)
• Badger™ Fire Extinguishers (Annual, Federal)
• Fire Pumps (Diesel or Electric)
• Domestic Fire & Irrigation Backflows

Keeping Your Fire Alarm System in Working Condition

Alarm system maintenance is easy when our experts are on the job. We offer complete product and fire alarm inspections for all commercial fire alarm systems. Our crew comes right to your location to check on equipment and ensure you and your family, employees, or visitors are protected properly. Don't hesitate to schedule an inspection, as our representatives are standing by to assist you.

Restoring Faulty Equipment

Get fast service for your faulty sprinkler system equipment from SDR Safety & Security LLC. We specialize in repairs for leaks, deficiencies, and other related problems. All work is done in a professional manner to reduce the possibility of damage to your property, and all repair work is backed up by our warranties. Expect a fast response time, with repairs completed quickly.

Fire Alarm

Referral Program

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